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Re: Dashboard

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Subject: Re: Dashboard
From: scott suhring <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 21:48:48 -0800
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The Romagni's wrote:
> Hi all - I'm considering replacing the dashboard in my 1974 TR6.
> Refurbishing is out as it's all chopped up. I was looking at TRF as they
> have a sale going on. I also called Prestige Autowood in California. I
> found them in Hemmings. Does anyone on the list have experience with
> either dash and if so, what were those experiences. I'm trying to get as
> close to original as possible.
> Thanks in advance
> Marty Romagni
> 1974 TR6


Word of caution regarding TRF and Moss TR6 dashes. Their dealer, which
the same, uses American walnut as the veneer.  The original dashes used
French Walnut.  The difference is in the color. The American is a much
color and looks nothing like the original French, which is a much
lighter, almost
orangish look.

I spoke to a vendor at Hershey's Antique Auto show who specializes in
dashes for 
British cars and he indicated that the French no longer allow the export
their walnut. I told him that I special ordered from TRF a teak dash and
he felt
this would be a much closer match to the original dash on my '70 TR6. As
usual, the
dash is back ordered with their (TRF) regular dash order, but was
recently told/
guessed that it should be in any time now!

Scott Suhring
Elizabethtown, PA
'70 TR6

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