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Re: fuel lines revisited (and flaring tools)

To: Peter Zaborski <>
Subject: Re: fuel lines revisited (and flaring tools)
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 13:02:30 -0800
Cc: "'TR6 List'" <>
Organization: Curry Enterprises
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Peter Zaborski wrote:
>         What is the definition of a compression fitting? To me it seems
> that all the seals involving flares use some form of compression of two
> metals against each other. I assumed that compression fitting meant
> using a rubber hose and clamp. This seems to be a mistake on my part. So
> can someone enlighten me as to the correct meaning of "compression
> fittings" (at least in this context).
I think the term "compression fitting" refers to the fact that the
Ferrule fits over the line easily until it is tightened into place.  By
tightening the fitting, the ferrule is compressed in place and then
can't be pulled off the end of the line.  The other types of fittings
don't actually compress.  THey seal by the pressure of the firring
against the flared end of the line.

Joe Curry  '63 Spit

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