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Re: Knock-offs WANTEED

To: Joe Curry <>
Subject: Re: Knock-offs WANTEED
From: SUCHAK <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:08:36 -0500
Cc: thomas jester <>, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Joe Curry wrote:

> >
> > 17-878 is the wood block that surrounds the knock-off that prevents
> > marring, but still requires the use of a hammer...  If you'd look
> > carefully at page 138, the part number I indicated (18-876 @ $39.95)
> > *IS* in fact for the two-eared version of the WRENCH that the original
> > poster had asked about.
> >
> Oh!  You seem to be correct.  But your point that the upper picture is
> what the user asked for "IS" in fact the point that I was trying to
> make.  Sorry I didn't take the time to read on.  Again, why buy a wood
> wrench for $35 bucks when you can make one for a couple of bucks?

Wrong again Joe...  The upper picture (of the wood "ear-extender" style)
is *not* what the original post was referring to, and is *not* what I
was referring him to...  If you review the original post below, you'll
see that the request was for "the wrench to fit", which was what I'd
referred him to.  Even with the style you seem to be advocating, there
is a good chance of mis-hitting the spinner and either bending a spoke
or denting the car.  With the price of spoked rims and body panels, one
could make a strong argument for the wrench style...  Wouldn't you

>>I'd like to buy 4 two eared knock-off nuts for my Sports Six.
>>It has knock-off wires from a '69 GT6 on it now.   I'd also like
>>to get the appropriate wrench for the knock-offs.

> > You might be well served by carefully reading before you leap to
> > correction.
> And don't get testy,  We all make mistakes.......Don't we?
No "testiness" intended....  Sure, we all make mistakes, those of us who
read carefully just make fewer.


Regards, and of course, best wishes,  


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