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RE: rusty gas tank

To: "Musson, Carl" <>
Subject: RE: rusty gas tank
From: (Paul Poplawski, Phd)
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 12:27:31 -0700 (MST)
Cc: Triumph mailing list <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
thanks much

At 2:12 PM 2/23/98, Musson, Carl wrote:
>1.      Remove back section of interior.  I can't remember where it is
>fastened; I think at the top there are 2 or 3 tabs that the interior
>screws go into.  Also might be a couple going into the "floor".
>2.      Remove back wall of trunk compartment.  Again, I think there
>were 2 screws into the floor and few across the top.
>3.      Drain fuel tank.  There is a drain plug at the bottom center of
>the tank.  Fairly large wrench size - 3/4"?  I couldn't get mine loose
>so drained from gas line connection after ...
>4.      Disconnect gas line at bottom (probably passenger side on your
>car).  If tank isn't completely empty expect gas to go everywhere until
>the line is separated and moved out of the way.  I used a rag to control
>it.   Needless to say, work in a well ventilated and spark free
>5.      Remove the vent line from top of passenger side of tank.  It is
>a real awkward position and you might get a few messed up knuckles.
>6.      Disconnect electrical leads to the fuel guage sending unit.
>(Can't remember if it is one or two)
>7.      Remove bolts from the tank hold down straps.  2 straps - one
>bolt each in trunk and in floor of cockpit area.  Then remove straps and
>felt? padding.  Seem to recall you have to work at getting them out.
>They bend easily and can be reshaped when re-installing.
>8.      Remove gas tank filler lid by unscrewing it from the piece
>fastened to the filler hose.  You'll need to remove the hose from the
>tank to get it out.  I had a heck of time and ended up cutting the hose.
>9.      Tilt top of tank away from cockpit and remove through back seat
>Most difficult part of re-installation is the putting together the
>filler hose to the tank and then to the threaded coupler.  Maybe someone
>can give you a hint on how to do it because I spent better part of three
>hours fighting it.   I think I ended up shortening the hose a little to
>get it to slip on.
>As usual - just be patient and it'll happen.
>Carl F. Musson
>TS25264L - borrowing the engine/tranny from
>TS81802LO - body off restoration in progress...
>Tampa, Florida (USA)
> (update in progress)
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>        Subject:        Re: rusty gas tank
>        I also have a leaky gas tank in my '57 TR3 ... I started the
>process to
>        remove it ... anyone have the correct sequence for removing the
>        At 8:51 AM 2/23/98, George P. Richardson wrote:
>        >Empty the tank and remove it. Put in a few small rocks
>(roadside gravel
>        >type) and shake until rust is loosened. Then flush rhe rust out
>        >reinstall.
>        >
>        >George Richardson
>        >'57 TR3, TS15559L
>        >(getting ready to paint - and now on the web!)
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>        >Date: Sunday, February 22, 1998 5:23 PM
>        >Subject: rusty gas tank
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>        >
>        >>
>        >>    Hello list,
>        >>Any ideas out there on how to get all the rust out of the
>inside of my 63
>        >>spit gas tank? The tank isn't to bad but the bottom of the
>tank does have
>        >>some scale rust on it. I put one of the clear glass filters on
>the fuel
>        >line
>        >>(just prior to the fuel pump) so i could watch for rust flakes
>in it. I
>        >keep
>        >>cleaning it out but it makes me nervous watching that filter
>get all that
>        >>rusty scale in it. I would like to clean out the tank if i
>could. I have
>        >the
>        >>tank out of the car and the sending unit off of it. Is there a
>product out
>        >>there that would take care of this?
>        >>thanks,
>        >>Lew
>        >>
>        >>
>        Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
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>        phone (service) = 302/737-4491    weekday office = 302/577-4980

Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
email =  or
phone (service) = 302/737-4491    weekday office = 302/577-4980

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