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Re[2]: Dumb Question N0. 2,745

To: Sumner Weisman <>, Joe Curry <>
Subject: Re[2]: Dumb Question N0. 2,745
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 10:13:52 -0400
Cc: Barry Schwartz <>, Triumphs <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
     Here's the 64-thousand dollar question.
     If you are adding brake fluid to a car, how do you know what type is 
     already in there? What are the dangers of mixing different types?

Subject: Re: Dumb Question N0. 2,745
Author:  Joe Curry <> at SMTP
Date:    4/17/98 2:35 PM

Castrol makes a compatible product that is approved.  I have found it 
available in many auto parts stores.  It's called GTLMA Brake Fluid.
Joe Curry
Sumner Weisman wrote:
> Barry,
> Thanks for the input.  When I rebuilt all the hydraulics a coupla years
> ago, I put in Castrol brake fluid labeled "Lucas Girling, Exceeds Dot 3 and 
> Dot 4.  Now, I can't seem to find this stuff in my local store, and was
> wondering about the silicone, which I've never used.  I understand your
> concern about not mixing silicone with the old stuff.  If I drain the bleed 
> valves at all 4 wheels as well as the clutch slave cylinder, I think that
> there will still be a little old fluid in the system, so I don't think I 
> will use the silicone.    Guess I'll look around further for the fluid I 
> used before.  It seems foolish to have to order it by mail.
> Sumner
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> > From: Barry Schwartz <> 
> > To: Sumner Weisman <>
> > Cc:
> > Subject: Re: Dumb Question N0. 2,745 
> > Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 10:29 AM 
> >
> > Summer writes:
> > >All my beliefs are being blown out of the water.  Here I have been
> > >conscientiously using lead additive in my TR-3, and now people on this 
> list
> > >are telling me I don't need it and plain unleaded gas is fine, and that 
> the
> > >valves will last for many years.
> > **************************************
> > No all your beliefs are not blown out of the water.  If you have a no or 
> > pre lead head, AND it has had a steady diet of lead at one time, then
> > enough residual lead remains to lubricate the valves and/or seats.  Using 
> > unleaded under these conditions and without prolonged high speed/heavy
> load
> > you probably won't see any undue valve seat recession.  On rebuild it's 
> > false economy to not replace the exhaust valve seats and exhaust valves 
> > with ones designed to run on unleaded fuel as you WILL have premature
> > (exhaust) valve and seat wear.  If you constantly run your engine to
> > redline, and floor it all the time, then again you will see accelerated 
> > valve seat recession with a pre-lead head weather it's had lead at one 
> time
> > or not.  As for pinging or knocking mentioned in another thread, it IS
> > damaging to your engine no matter how slight.  Knocking or pinging is an 
> > uncontrolled explosion that puts undesigned stress on the piston crowns, 
> > wrist pins, rod bearings and big end bearings.  As for you engine system 
> > check indicators, they are not designed to indicate wear or problems in 
> > those areas and its just a matter of time before something will break or 
> > wear out earlier than an engine operated as designed-
> > ****************************************
> > >OK, let me ask about another possible myth I've been living with.  What 
> > >about the warnings that say that I should only use Girling approved
> brake
> > >fluid?  Can I use any good Dot 3 or Dot 4 fluid? 
> > ****************************************
> > Yes it has been discussed before but as listers come and go these will be 
> > brought up again and again.  That's how the new people learn, and I for
> one
> > don't mind repeating.  After all we were all *new* listers once :-}. 
> Those
> > warnings are valid. If your system is a stock Girling system, that has 
> not
> > been rebuilt and ready for new fluid, then DO NOT MIX FLUIDS and don't 
> use
> > Dot 3.  Dot 4 Girling fluid is designed for the natural rubber seals in 
> > your system and using Dot 3 WILL damage those seals causing pre-mature 
> > failure.  If you have completely rebuilt and flushed the entire system, 
> > then you may chose either Dot 5, or Dot 4, but again, NEVER mix fluids, 
> > most are not compatible, and after all, with the exception of Dot 5
> > (silicon), these fluids are relatively inexpensive.  Why take a chance 
> with
> > such important systems in your vehicle just to save a few pennys?? 
> >
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