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Re: TR6 Runs poorly when warm

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Subject: Re: TR6 Runs poorly when warm
From: "Mike HIMELFARB"<>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 98 17:00:33 -0500
Cc: <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>


  I'll throw my .02 worth in and say sounds like you might have some problem 
with the distributor vaccuum advance.  I had similar problems when I switched 
carbs on my '76 TR6 to carbs from a different year (don't ask) and there was too
much vaccuum on the advance.  The giveaway for me was misfiring when the temp 
gauge hit the halfway mark when idling in traffic.  Cold starts were fine and 
engine ran perfectly until that point.  When I went back to the old carbs with 
the correct vaccuum connections the problem disappeared.

  Try unplugging the vaccuum hose from the distributor when it's hot and check 
the results...

  It's unlikely that mixture is at fault as it would exhibit other symptoms.  
Check the colour of the plugs and if they're tan or light brown then you're ok.

  The only other suggestion I can offer is, since it's temp-related, check the 
functioning of the temp compensator on the carb body and ensure it moves freely 
and is not stuck... long shot but maybe worth checking.

Mike Himelfarb.

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