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Slow/stopping wipers: what to do?

To: Triumph List <>
Subject: Slow/stopping wipers: what to do?
From: Tony Rhodes <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 08:18:52 -0500
I had to use my wipers the other day :(   (on a TR4A)  At the slow
switch setting it looked like the wipers were struggling, and stopped
on a few occasions.  I found that if I kept the switch at the
"Fast" setting, then they would not stop, but were slower than I think
they should be.

Where should I look first.  Motor or gear box?  Both?  Any pointers
to removing the parts from the car?  Do I need to take off both the motor
and gear box or can I get the motor off the gear box without removing
the box?

-Tony  (updated again 3/12)

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