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Re: TR6 Clutch

To: Chip Old <>
Subject: Re: TR6 Clutch
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:40:56 -0700
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Chip Old wrote:

> Then there were the early T-Type MGs (TA/TB/TC), where the linkage was a
> piece of chain between the bottom of the clutch pedal lever and the lever
> on the throwout bearing cross shaft.  Or the even earlier MGs where the
> clutch pedal was right on the end of the throwout bearing cross shaft.
> Talk about direct action!

Now you are bringing back old memories.  I once had a TD while stationed
in ENgland in the early '70's.  I broke a clutch cable while down at
Brands Hatch race track and the RAC was able to Band-Aid a repair to get
me back to RAF Lakenheath where I was stationed.  

After getting back, I started looking for the replacement part and was
unsuccessful until someone suggested that I go to the local farm
implement store and see what they had.  The cable had a loop in one end
that fit onto the pedal assembly and the other end was attached to a
threaded rod for adjustment.  The Ford Tractor place where I went had a
cable with a threaded rod at each end.  So I bought one and cut it in
half.  I used a cable clamp to form a loop and ended up with two cables
for a very low investment.  I never needed the spare, but it was good


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