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Re: dashpot oil with a twist?

Subject: Re: dashpot oil with a twist?
From: Randall <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 22:52:08 -0800
References: <000501bf6ab9$80d68660$14802bd1@philipha>
Philip Haldeman wrote:
> Also, the recommendations from the TR6 Page (printed below with apologies)
> mentions "faster" response vs. "moderate" response.  Why would anyone want
> anything but a fast response?  My apologies for so many questions all at
> once. . . .

Phil :

If the response is _too_ fast, it will create a lean bog when you
suddenly step on the throttle.  And, a "moderate" response may actually
provide better actual throttle response, since the main result is to
richen the mixture, and a slightly rich mixture makes more power than a
'perfect' mixture.

On my TR3A, in warm weather and in it's current (admittedly rather
strange) state of tune, I seem to get noticeably better throttle
response with heavy oil (40w) in the dashpots.  I've experimented with
lighter oils (all the way down to 5w), and unless I set the jets on the
rich side, I just don't get the same "kick in the pants".

59 TR3A daily driver

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