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Virus warning (yeah I know, but this ones real)

Subject: Virus warning (yeah I know, but this ones real)
From: Barry Schwartz <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 07:12:19 -0800
I don't usually send this stuff out, but this one affected me (indirectly)
This one is NOT a hoax.  Many of the computers here at work were affected
with this virus (not somebody that somebody knew that told me etc.) The
computer next to my cubical here at work had it's hard drive windows exe
files trashed among several others - It's a variation of the Trojan worm
with the filename IROC.EXE.  it comes with a note saying something to the
effect of here's a neat little Star Trek screen saver.  if executed from
your e-mail program, It finds your mailing list(s) and sends itself out to
(in this case the first 60 people on the global list that it found) and I
was one of the recipients, but saved it to disk instead of opening it.
Others here were not so lucky.  As with anything sent via E-MAIL do NOT
open any executable (*.exe) files unless you have VERIFIED that (A) it came
from someone you trust (and that means e-mailing them back and asking if
they actually sent, and used it), or (B) saving it to a disk, then scan it
first with a virus checking program.  While it may not catch all of them,
it sure beats having most or all your files destroyed.  Most people here at
work "assumed" that because it was sent by somebody they knew at work, and,
that "it was already checked" that it was alright.  It just goes to show
the importance of verifying things sent via e-mail that you aren't entirely
sure about.  At work they use NAV for checking this stuff, but apparently
this one is too new and they didn't have it updated to scan for this
particular strain of this virus-
Makes you wonder abut these lowlife pond scum that have nothing better to
do than destroy other peoples property, and think it's a big joke -
Oh well, just thought I'd pass the info along for what it's worth - if it
saves somebody this grief then it's worth the bandwidth and slight
inconvenience of having to read this, at least in my opinion -
Geeze, the guy next to me gets a three day weekend, humm. . . maybe I
should have opened that file after all :-)

Barry Schwartz (San Diego)

72 PI, V6 Spitfire (daily driver)
70 GT6+ (when I don't drive the Spit)
70 Spitfire (long term project)

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