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Re: tr6 Clutch question

Subject: Re: tr6 Clutch question
From: Randall Young <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 15:03:58 -0700
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Mike :

Check to see if the slave piston/push rod is moving during your free
play.  If not, I would suspect that the main spring inside the M/C is
broken.  That spring plays an important role in that it closes the valve
between the cylinder and the reservoir when you start to depress the
pedal.  Without it, the fluid in the cylinder just flows back into the
reservoir when you depress the pedal, and doesn't force the slave to


Mike Barron wrote:
> Out for a drive in the 73 yesterday and between stoplights the tranny
> suddenly would not go into gears easily, and ended up going all the way home
> in second.   Tranny shifts smoothly with engine off.  Suspect either
> hydraulics or infamous tapir pin in the bellhousing.  One note: the clutch
> now has about two inches of seeming freeplay at the pedal before it finds
> any resistance.   Any comment?   I went through the archives and got a lot
> of good infor, but could not find this exact symptom.  In advance your
> thoughts in this are greatly appreciated.
> Mike Barron
> 73 TR6
> 60 TR3
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