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Re: TR3 Fuel Leak

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Subject: Re: TR3 Fuel Leak
From: TeriAnn Wakeman <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 00 15:49:52 -0700
>With the engine
>running, I can watch fuel dripping onto the floor slowly, although I can't
>see where it's coming from. 

Most likely it is the sediment bowl gasket.  They harden over time.  Try 
a new one.  When fuel leaks out of a line fitting you can usually see 
fuel wetness on the top side of the pump.  I always like to keep a new 
spare sediment bowl gasket in my kit just in case.

>I've been thinking about installing an electric fuel pump for some time, for
>improved reliability.  

The stock mechanical pumps are very reliable when they are in good 
condition.  They generally last a long time between needing rebuilding.  
When they fail they just don't stop working, they generally just pump 
less.  So it iwll almost always get you home.  If you keep a rebuild kit 
in your carry along spares the pump can be rebuilt on the road in an hour 
or so.

Also your SUs like a low pressure, high volume pump.  The mechanical pump 
puts out around 3 pounds pressure.  If you get an electric pump you 
should add a fuel pressure regulator.

So you would add an extra wire going back to the rear of the car, A fuel 
pump near the fuel tank under the car (electric fuel pumps generally like 
to push and not pull) and you will need to add a fuel pressure regulator.

On top of this when an electric fuel pump fails, it just usually stops 

Personally I think the stock mechanical pump is not only better but more 
reliable and less apt to fail in such as way as to leave you stranded.

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