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Re: Rover V8 into Triumph 2500

Subject: Re: Rover V8 into Triumph 2500
From: "Michael Gajic" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 11:32:24 +1000 FILETIME=[E1C8E300:01C1EFE6]
John Macartney wrote:

>Use both exhaust manifolds from a Rover P5B coupe, transpose them side
>for side and mount them so they exit forwards

P5B parts are unfortunately quite rare here as compared with the P5B saloon. 
Are both suitable or only the Coupe parts?

>Upgrade front and rear suspension with stiffer dampers and front
>springs. Fit rear springs from a 2500 Estate.

Again, the Estates are as rare as hens teeth here in Oz, which is 
unfortunate as they are truly great cars. I wouldn't mind one to haul parts 
etc in. But, back to point, are there any alternative front springs that 
would work?

>This all seems a lot of work when it might be easier overall to
>upgrade the existing engine? Recently rode as a passenger in a Mk1 PI
>saloon from 1969 that was claimed to be putting out 200bhp! Having
>heard what was done and felt the pressure in my back as we moved off,
>I wouldn't challenge the owner's claims! Of course, the V8 'noise'
>wasn't there but that of an in-line six certainly was!

Would have to agree on that point. The PI saloons are not lacking in pace 
(or space and grace ;-), if you can score a Mk1 manual overdrive PI you will 
have one of the very best grand tourers to ever come out of England IMHO.

63' TR4
69' 2000
Sydney, Australia

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