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Re: What octane gas to use?

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Subject: Re: What octane gas to use?
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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 00:10:34 -0000
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Hi Alvin
Yes I never go to the pumps without I fill to the brim, I hate paying and
people that put a fiver in 3 times a week really piss me off especially when
they are prating about on the pump in front of me!
Off soap box now!! Sorry! Must be a sore nerve or somat!
Lady attendant at the pump commented that the Dolomite "takes a lot of
petrol, there is a brown Triumph like that comes here, that takes a lot as
well!" To which I replied "yes I know that one is my 2.5PI this is my
partners Dolomite!"
For the record Cars are daily drivers and the average fill is every 2 weeks
for the PI at #40 a time! I don't drive the Dolomite too often, it is going
to get me in to trouble one of these times!


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Subject: RE: What octane gas to use?

> Soon it wont matter has anyone filled up lately?!

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