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Re: TR4A frame differences

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Subject: Re: TR4A frame differences
From: "dixie" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 20:44:36 +0100
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Well Peter I would have told him to "go forth and multiply" and taken the
frame away to someone that could do the job properly. I do, however, believe
that you have been too hasty. Any bad repair can be removed and reworked to
the correct standard.

Sorry if you do not agree with my sentiments.

A few months ago there was a NOS solid axle TR4A chassis  here in UK on
eBay. It sold for #250 ($450). I know the guy who bought it, so I emailed
him for you. Unfortunately he resold it in February.

Have you tried Triumphs Only? (email: he can be a bit on the
expensive side depending on his mood but he does have the goods.
A tipical example:
He sold me a boot lid (trunk lid) for a TR4A for $200. I was so pleased with
the price and quality of the lid that I advised a fellow British TR Register
member of my purchase and that he should contact Triumphs Only. He was
quoted $400!! Strange way of doing business.

TR4A CT64306 O

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