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Fwd: Dim dimmer light...

Subject: Fwd: Dim dimmer light...
From: Bill & Skip Pugh <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 12:22:53 -0700
Ah the sweet mysteries of Lucas,  how they can confuse us  all...I 
happen to be a graduate of the US Navy "A" and "B" schools for 
Electronic Technicians where we were carefully taught that current 
flows from negative to positive  (in  the US Navy).  That a "ground" 
was a "ground" for  the entire  circuit connected to it...sounds so 
simple and  direct,  and apparently...WRONG!!!.

Jumper wire to dim  lo  beam did  not  work, but the ground had to be 
good because the hi beam (on the same circuit?) worked.  Close 
inspection of  the ground  wire  revealed  some broken and  frayed 
wires.  Connector cut off, wire  striped,  tinned  with  solder, new 
connector crimped and soldered on.   Both  hi  and lo  beams  now 
work...!!!  Shoots the  hell out  of  all  those   years  of  theory 
and  practice (USN in flight  tech for 26 years).  But who am I to 
argue with success
Bill  Pugh
1957 TR3
Wallace, CA

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