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RE: TR3a sputtering then die

To: "David Templeton" <>, <>
Subject: RE: TR3a sputtering then die
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 17:44:35 -0700
>  I checked the pump bowl and it full of fuel.

The sediment bowl is configured such that it's impossible for it to go dry,
even when you are out of gas.

>  Using the
> priming lever I refilled the carb bowls ( I can hear it squirting into
> them).
> Now she starts no probs, does this point to a pump problem?

Could be, but my guess is that the problem lies elsewhere.  The priming
lever just activates the pump, if the pump were defective then the priming
lever wouldn't work either.  It does bypass the lever that rides on the
camshaft, but the camshaft lever wouldn't heal itself mysteriously.

I'm thinking something more like the tank pickup getting blocked by a
foreign object (which falls off after the engine dies & sits for a bit), or
some sort of foreign object inside the fuel line.  Could also be a bad soft
line on the inlet side of the pump.  Normally, on a TR3A, there is no soft
line under the tank ... but if someone has added one, it could be the
problem too.


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