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Re: TR3A Week 2

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Subject: Re: TR3A Week 2
From: "Kinderlehrer" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 09:03:09 -0700
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> Thanks George - Comm # is TS 54487, so would seem to need the newer one
> the starter that came off is the old type... guessing either the engine is
> older than the chassis, or the old starter was the wrong one? ( I have
> of the starter, but nowhere to post them at the moment... will e-mail if
> req. Looks exactly like the shrouded bomb-type, and nothing like the long
> bendix one comparing to pics in the Williams book.)
> So, more questions (well, a question if you don't count the dumb ones...)
> What is  the engine # range/crossover for the two starter types?
> Now that I've determined the slight swelling on the block under the coil
> should have an engine #, how do I remove the crud  to read the # without
> obliterating it? Just engine cleaner, or do I need to do something else to
> highlight the #'s?
> Guidance / descriptions re how to visually tell the difference between the
> bolt on or shrink on gear rings through the starter aperature? Tried to
> count whether 90 or 91 teeth - kept losing count around 45 (or was it
> 46?)... got tired of that. (Is it as obvious as "you see bolts on the bolt
> on one?)
> Cameron Joyce
> '59 TR3A (rolling, not running)
> '54 TR2 (resting, not rolling)

My TR3A ser# 57201 also has the bullet nose - could be the change over was
at 6000.  If there was any changing, the engine number won't help, it's the
transmission that determines the type of starter.   The first hint of the
type of ring gear is the direction of the bevels. If the teeth on the ring
gear are facing towards the front of the car, it is the press on for the
bull nose starter typ- assuming that it was put on correctly.  As I recall,
I was able to get a few fingers around the ring gear and by feel determine
that there were no bolts holding it on, again a good indication that it was
the press on type.


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