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Re: TR6 Stereo Installation

Subject: Re: TR6 Stereo Installation
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 19:40:22 -0500

I will take a stab at this one.  I have never heard of it or seen it 
but don't see why it wouldnt be possible.  I actually have my rheostat 
wired so that it is at full strength all the time just by attaching the 
wires to one side of the switch.  This is quite easy since there is a 
double male terminal on each side of the switch.  Heck, the lights are 
so dim anyways that I cant imagine wanting to make them less bright.  
Doing what you ask would be possible but would require you to 
disassemble the rheostat in order to do that.  Without trying it 
specifically I am not sure what adaptations would need to be made to 
make it possible.  It might be easier to just remove the knob and use 
the knob with an electronic volume control dial.  Taking the knob into 
an electronics store would let you know if this was feasible.  If so 
you would need to tape or otherwise secure the rest of the rheostat 
behind the dash.  If I were you I would opt to leave the rheostat where 
it was located and instead wire a volume control knob into the system, 
and run it under the carpet and either mount it mostly out of sight but 
still within reach under the dash or even tuck it in next to the 
drivers seat.  With a simple volume control knob in this position it 
would  easy to find without having to take your eyes off the road and 
almost invisible.

My two cents.


Aaron Cropley
71 TR6 (Throttle Body Injection!)
Topsham, Maine

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Subject: RE: TR6 Stereo Installation

   Have thought a lot about the TR6 / stereo issue myself. Mine is 
in the glovebox - an old fashioned tape deck with a converter to an
iPod. The sound quality isn't great via the ancient speakers, so
upgrading them is probably the next step.

One problem, though, is having to open the glovebox every time you need
to turn it down, e.g. to avoid deafening people at traffic lights with
the volume you need to hear it at speed. I have considered wiring the
speakers via the dimmer knob on the dashboard - is this electrically
feasible, and has anyone tried it?

74 TR6
Cape Town

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