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RE: TR6 Stereo Installation

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Subject: RE: TR6 Stereo Installation
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 08:25:54 -0800
> One problem, though, is having to open the glovebox every time you need
> to turn it down, e.g. to avoid deafening people at traffic lights with
> the volume you need to hear it at speed. I have considered wiring the
> speakers via the dimmer knob on the dashboard - is this electrically
> feasible, and has anyone tried it?

It could be done, but you would need a considerably different rheostat or an
electronic circuit to translate the position of your existing rheostat into
attenuation for the speakers.  Size would likely be a problem if you use a
simple rheostat, since it will potentially have to dissipate a lot of heat.

Another (better ?) approach might be to make the remote control work.  I've seen
designs for repeaters to be used with IR remotes.

Some head units and amplifiers have "mute" inputs that you could wire to the
rheostat if you wanted, or any other switch.

Or probably the best solution would be one of the more expensive units that
offers automatic sound adjustment by ambient noise level.

But since I had no glovebox in the first place, I just positioned the receiver
so I could reach up under the dash and push the "mute" button or adjust the
volume control.  Since I am totally sold on CD-MP3 players and audio books, I
now look at how well the "pause" function works when selecting one, since that
is the function I use the most.


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