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RE: [TR] Too big for a Tr3?

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Subject: RE: [TR] Too big for a Tr3?
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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 22:40:20 -0400
Many years ago, I adjusted the placement of the steering wheel on my TR6 to be
a bit closer to the dash by slightly moving the column in the clamps. I moved
it in about an 1 1/8" or so. It made a surprising difference in driveability
since my elbow wasn't so crooked all the time.




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<<  I am 6'2" and I expected problems with my size,  >>

A lot of how one fits in a car depends on where your height is located.  I'm
tall from the middle up so head room is a concern.  The seat needs to be
pushed foward a bit but most seats move up as they go forward compounding the
room situation.


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