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[TR] Price of engine mounts and carb gasket

To: <>
Subject: [TR] Price of engine mounts and carb gasket
From: "Beaudoin, Jonathan" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:56:13 -0500
Hi list,

1- Can someone tell me why does the TRF engine mounts for the 1500 spit are
sold 18$ when other store sell them 7$? Are they better? Are they worth the
extra $$$.

2- My 75 spit has a solid spacer between the carb and manifold similar to the
ones I have on my TR6. On the 6 there is 2 gasket on each carb. When I
dismantled the carb on the 75 there was nothing else but the spacer. Is this
normal? I checked every part source and they don't have the spacer or gasket.
At TRF the part is BO.... Any source for that?

75 Spit
76 TR6

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