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Re: Tow vehicle

Subject: Re: Tow vehicle
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:38:48 EDT
In a message dated 10/28/99 10:30:07 PM, writes:

I have a single axle trailer with a tilt bed. Works really nice and pulls
like a dream. Rock solid around town and highway. Would like to add electric
brakes to it. The truck already has an electric brake control unit
installed. Can this be done or am I looking for pie in the sky again? I
haven't checked with any trailer places yet but have not been able to find
any info on adding after market brakes for trailers in my catalogs or on the
net. Any ideas?>>

    If all you are looking for is an open trailer, you might be better off to 
purchase one with electric brakes already installed.  You should be able to 
find a dual axle open trailer with electric brakes for less than $ 1,500.00.  
If you can find a dealer who will take a trade-in, you might not be out of 
pocket all that much.  I also recommend a dual axle trailer over the single 
axle if you are towing something as big as a car over any significant 
distance.  It's just a matter of safety.  You're going to have flats and 
blow-outs sometime, somewhere..  If you have a dual axle set-up, it's no big 
deal.  If you have a single axle trailer, it can be an adventure at best and 
a nightmare at worst.

    Doug Meis 
    dual-axle open trailer with electric brakes -- bought new for $1,200.00

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