Bristol Blenheim 2 - Saloon
Badge Type 603 S and 603 E
Type 603 s2
Britannia and Brigand
Bristol Blenheim
Bristol Blenheim 2
both introduced in 1976
was introduced in 1978
both introduced in 1982
was introduced in 1994
was introduced in 1998
production ceased 1978
production ceased 1982
production ceased 1994
production ceased 1997
in current production

page revised 4th June 1998
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  1. Extensive alterations to the Aluminium panels to accommodate four larger Gas Discharge Headlamps in sleeker and deeper front Grille.
  2. Altered Wheel Arches.
  3. New Kevlar material Spoilers.
  4. New alloy Wheels.
  5. Sleeker Rear Wing bodyline to further reduce drag.
  6. Unobtrusive Door Handles,
  7. New Mirrors,
  8. Bristol badge on Bonnet.
  9. No overall increased width of the car which is narrower than most cars in the luxury class to facilitate manoeuvrability in traffic.
  1. The track width has been increased for even further improved handling.
  2. Turning circle reduced by nearly two feet.
  3. New suspension dampers are now hand built using Formula 1 technology.
  4. As is usual Bristol practice, Dampers are individually adjustable to compensate for wear and to suit driver's preference.
  5. Important CHASSIS features retained:
    6.50 inches deep separate safety platform chassis is welded directly to the massive steel upper structure over which alloy panels are bonded.
  6. This aircraft inspired structure is not only surprisingly light but stiffer in Beam and Torsional stress than most other cars.
  7. By locating all major masses entirely with the wheelbase, and as low as ground clearance permits, a remarkably low centre of gravity and polar moment of inertia is achieved; both figures in fact being lower than a number of mid engined Sports Cars!
  8. Increased use of Aluminium in the structure itself prevents any increase in weight over the outgoing Blenheim 1.
  1. Revised front seat frames and substructure to give more headroom and comfort, and enhanced support.
  2. Extra interior and underbonnet soundproofing.
  3. New door and window sealing.
  4. Unique position inside the Cabin for CD player if fitted. Gives increased security, ability to change discs from inside the car, and uncluttered boot space.
  5. New 14 inch dished Leather covered Steering Wheel.
  6. New, restyled instruments for increased legibility, with soft lighting.

a series of
Pictures during stages of construction

Unique Bristol features retained on the BRISTOL BLENHEIM 2

NEW features of the BRISTOL BLENHEIM 2