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South American specialty cars

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The South American continent has been known as an assembler of cars, like Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat for decades. But just as in other countries there were the specialists, who bolted various fiberglass bodies on floorpans. However the situation in the Southern hemisphere was different: there was no car import at all until the late '80s. But it all changed in recent years and by now "Unfortunately, almost all of that makers closed the doors. In the mid-80s there were more than 50 little cars makers in Brazil, but after the opening of the market for imported cars, they disappeared. Nowadays there are only a handful of makers: Chamonix , Troller (jeeps), BRM (dunne-buggies) and Baby (dunne-buggies)" - said my correspondent, José Geraldo a mechanic engineer from Brazil back in 2003. He is one of the sources for pictures and information. His home page is filled with links to carmakers. Jason Vogel, a reporter for O Globo was also great help.

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