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Re: Street Rodding and IMHOF

To: John Beckett <>
Subject: Re: Street Rodding and IMHOF
From: "Thomas E. Bryant" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 07:59:24 -0700
Hi John & Fellow LSR Supporters,

I have been reading the chatter about the Hall of Fame considerations and would
like to put in my two cents worth.

I agree with you John when you put Al Teague at the top of the list. In my view
there is a great deal more to being qualified for "Special Recognition" than 
fast. I have known  many people with fast cars. Bob Summers,  Al Teague, Rick & 
Vesco, Bruce Geisler, and others are among those I can call "fast friends", (no 
All of these mention have a quality that I consider important. They not only 
fast, but they designed and built the cars that carried them to those speeds. 
have set records, gain the publicity and recognition by laying down the money 
having the guts to sit behind the wheel, but this is not what we are about.

I have known Al and followed his progress since he first arrived on the Salt. Al
has risen to the top of the heap with almost no sponsorship, in a car he 
built with his own hands, drove it repeatedly at unimaginable speeds, and 
a humility that is enviable. To me, he is truly the hero of our sport.

Tom Bryant, 216 D/CC - El Mirage, Muroc, Bonneville

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