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RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )

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Subject: RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )
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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 02:35:04 -0500
Bill, Neil:
I often work on "fixed" equipment that has cathodic protection (in the
petrochemical industry), and I have wished for such a system for mobile
equipment (especially our salt racers).  I haven't had much hope for that
possibility, since to function above ground (or water) such a system would
seemingly have to defy the laws of physics (electrochemistry).

However, I won't condemn it out of hand, since I would love to have such a
miricle device, myself.

I write "operating discipline" for plant equipment, including cathodic
protection systems.  If you get one (or find someone who has one) I can
probably devise an effective test to determine how well it is doing the
intended job.  Weighing the sacrificial anode(s) at time intervals would
seem an obvious approach.
Russ, #1226B

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I'd put this in the same class of products as those cow magnets taped to a
fuel line-- bogus.

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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I have been looking at a corrosion device I saw on Two Guys Garage TV show,
it looks like it would work well for a salt car also, I think it creates a
negative charge on the frame/body and any other metal parts that are
connected in the loop. The link is

If anyone has tried it I would like to know what you think.



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