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RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )

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Subject: RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )
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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 12:15:49 -0500

Those bags of silica gel dessicant are great for absorbing moisture. The
bags that are packed in military stuff has indicators that show a blue color
when it is activated and it gradually turns pink as it absorbs moisture. It
can be re-activated by baking in an oven and-- perhaps-- even in a microwave

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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The company I work for ships machined and highly polished parts all over the
world and they are package with what's called "VCI Paper". I have used this
to line the drawers of my tool box and never had a problem. We also receive
machines in that are packaged in large crates. Usually the inside of these
crates are scattered with large bags of Silica Desiccant. We usually just
toss them away. Might be good to place something like in the bottom of the
box. Bill

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> Russ;
> Back when I learned about that trick, they were available at any 
> corner drugstore. You might check with a pharmacist that's over 50 
> years
> He might remember what it was and where to get it :)
> The military used a paper wrapping that did the same thing, it was 
> called
> VPI-- Vapor Phase Inhibitor. Maybe a websearch on camphor or VPI might
> up a mail-order source.
> Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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