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Re: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )

Subject: Re: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )
From: Richard Kensicki <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 06:21:04 -0400
Lots of hits for VCI paper on
2 examples:

Safepack - VCI Paper
Home > Products > Anti-Corrosion Products > VCI Paper, SAFEPACK VCI
paper carries a high load of chemical inhibitors.It protects ...


VCI packaging vci bags Volatile Corrosion inhibitors vci paper ...
Control your corrosion problems. With a full line of anti-corrosion VCI
packaging products. VCI2000 stock program for vci bags, films, and more. 

RichK (sure miss going to Maxton)

Bill Bennett wrote:

>The company I work for ships machined and highly polished parts all over the
>world and they are package with what's called "VCI Paper". I have used this
>to line the drawers of my tool box and never had a problem. We also receive
>machines in that are packaged in large crates. Usually the inside of these
>crates are scattered with large bags of Silica Desiccant. We usually just
>toss them away. Might be good to place something like in the bottom of the
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>>Back when I learned about that trick, they were available at any corner
>>drugstore. You might check with a pharmacist that's over 50 years
>>He might remember what it was and where to get it :)
>>The military used a paper wrapping that did the same thing, it was called
>>VPI-- Vapor Phase Inhibitor. Maybe a websearch on camphor or VPI might
>>up a mail-order source.
>>Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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