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RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )

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Subject: RE: Tool Box Protection( VCI Paper )
From: "Albaugh, Neil" <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 15:22:19 -0500

Just to think about all those chemistry classes I had to take...... Who knew
that education was so hazardous to our health?

I think the two cobalt compounts you mentioned are only in the pink/blue
indicator, not in the clear silica gel "crystals" themselves. As far as I
know the silica gel itself is pretty inert.

Arizona sunshine does keep tools rust-free but if they lay out in the sun
for long, it also makes them so hot they can give you burns.....not to
mention a carcinoma. Sometimes I think the only thing that's totally safe is
a Mosler.   :)

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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Neil, I just have to do it ;-)   you do know that silica gel
contains cobalt chloride...... The folowing is a summary of a recent
re-classification of cobalt chloride;

"The upshot of these developments is that cobalt sulphate and cobalt
chloride are to be classified with respect to their toxicological status as
a "category 2 Carcinogen" with a subsequent requirement for R49 labeling
(this states "may cause cancer by inhalation").  This classification and the
use of these risk and safety phrases not only apply to the Cobalt Chloride
itself but to any products that contain Cobalt 
Chloride in concentrations above 0.01%."

So, seems like the nanny-state doesn't want us to use ANYTHING but Arizona
sunshine to keep our tool boxes rust-free.... Next thing you know, Uncle Sam
will be telling us Diet Coke, cigarettes, and purple dye in fire suits is
harmful!!! Ed 

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>Those bags of silica gel dessicant are great for absorbing
moisture. The
>bags that are packed in military stuff has indicators that
show a blue color
>when it is activated and it gradually turns pink as it
absorbs moisture. It
>can be re-activated by baking in an oven and-- perhaps-- even
in a microwave
>Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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