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Subject: Re: new to list
From: "gary baker" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 19:30:36 +1000
G'day from down under mate  notice you on
Gary AKA hawkwind racing

>Just want to say hi all.
>My name is Lorcan Parnell from Falmouth, England. Been doing quarter miles
>for 20 years or so and have recently done a couple of top speed events on a
>ZX12R (205mph in 1.5 miles) , which has led me here.
>My main interest is my turbo alcohol 750cc Kawasaki, which runs mid 8s in
>the quarter and I'm looking at some land speed runs with it.
>Look forward to gleaning lots of useful information here.
>To the guy asking about lamda sensors, measure the resistance across the 2
>heater wires (the two wires the same colour) and work out the draw from
>there using V=IR. I run mine through a switched 12v supply, no relay. Mine
>use about 2 amps at switch on to run the heater, the sensor itself uses no
>current, it's just a thermocouple which generates a tiny voltage.

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