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Re: new to list

To: Keith Turk <>, Lorcan Parnell <>,
Subject: Re: new to list
From: Dick J <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 19:06:04 -0700 (PDT)
Keith, make sure you read all questions twice before answering.  These are 
going to be in ENGLISH - - - not South Alabamian!  Hey, by the way, helluvah 
job at B-ville.  I'll bet its a real kick in the butt driving the teeny limey 
car with that big yank mill in it!
Dick J in East Texas

Keith Turk <> wrote:
Lorcan let me join the others in welcoming you and quite honestly I'm
looking forward to the fresh questions.... oh they might be the same one's
we've answered a hundred times and sure the information might be in the
archives.... but It's always nice to re-visit old issues now and again...

We do treat each other rather well here on the list... occasional outbursts
are best kept off list.... but when you get this many men focused on
acheivement well tempers are what they are.... mostly we keep it family...
( I can hear the collective sigh... I know... I know... NOT MY FAMILY )

anyway.... enjoy and again welcome to the list...

Keith Turk... ( I'm the Hick from the southern portion of the US that said
it was fine if we didn't spell correctly.... so blame me if you will...
everyone else does )

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