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Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 20:06:39 -0600

Which Southern California High School did you graduate from?


on 9/7/03 6:28 PM, Keith Turk at wrote:

> Keith Turk... ( I'm the Hick from the southern portion of the US that said
> it was fine if we didn't spell correctly.... so blame me if you will...
> everyone else does )
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>> Thanks Joe....great job on the ZX10 by the way!!
>> Not sure if you reeeally want FK here, but I can invite him if you like!
>> Yes, I know Gabriel. He keeps collaring me at sprints and asking me about
>> turbos for some twin-engined thing he's building! Two Triumph 1200s I
> think.
>> I have a load of dumb questions for you about land speed...i'll try to put
>> them in some kind of order and keep them short.
>> Cheers
>> Lorcan

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