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Re: new to list

To: Lorcan Parnell <>
Subject: Re: new to list
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 20:39:24 -0600
Quoting Lorcan Parnell <>:

> Just want to say hi all.
> My name is Lorcan Parnell from Falmouth, England. Been doing quarter
> miles
> for 20 years or so and have recently done a couple of top speed events on
> a
> ZX12R (205mph in 1.5 miles) , which has led me here.
> My main interest is my turbo alcohol 750cc Kawasaki, which runs mid 8s
> in
> the quarter
Oh no, not another bike guy! LOL Welcome Lorcan. Not sure if your near 
Malcolm in Derby, England ? Say hello to Gabriel Uttley and the Iron 
Wigwam Crew. Yes, we're a prudent bunch, but KT keeps reminding that "Life 
is Good" Spread the word across the pond: Salt is for Racing!

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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