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Internal Radiator

To: "'Keith Turk'" <>,
Subject: Internal Radiator
From: "3liter" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 22:34:22 -0700
Not sure which "box" you are referring to Keith.  The ambient coolant
reservoir needs only enough water to absorb about 70% of the total engine
heat. That size (gallons needed) can be calculated fairly close. If it is
too small it will only boil early in the run. What is more difficult is the
efficiency of the radiator (heat exchanger). Heat exchanger technology is
mature and well quantified. I know Spearco, and other intercooler folks all
consider, area, fin type, materials, fluids delta T, core thickness and
shape, etc. I'm sure they now have computer codes that input those values
and give you a pretty good approximation on size. Trouble is I don't have
any experience in that area. Anybody out there have a friend at Spearco the
intercooler folks :-)
From: Keith Turk 
(snip. . . ) Be interesting to have some empirical data to aid us in
defining how small the box could be.... One of my friends has already built
and raced one at Bonneville that is half the size of mine.... ( he also had
200 less hp ...)

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