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RE: Internal Radiator

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Subject: RE: Internal Radiator
From: "Dave Dahlgren" <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 05:04:45 -0400
Why would you want a un-pressurized cooling system? Or do you run the tank
with water pressure in it? Most of the tanks with no radiator i have seen
were vented to the atmosphere.  Those seem like a good way to end up with
steam pockets in the cylinder heads.

> Elon,
>     You've crewed on our roadster at Bonneville and the Lakes and are
> familiar with our cooling system. We have an internal tank (no
> radiator) with a
> thermostat on the block water outlet that allows us to fire the
> engine in the pits
> and warm the engine without heating the coolant tank above
> ambient temp. When
> the car leaves the line on a run the driver doesn't have to
> contend with a
> tank full of warm to hot water sitting beside him that is already
> within 50 deg.
> of boiling. At the end of the run, including long-course passes,
> the water is
> still below the boiling point.
>          Ardun Doug King, #1313 XXF/MR

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