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Re: Internal Radiator

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Subject: Re: Internal Radiator
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Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 07:59:50 -0400
My old car had a 16 gal. tank. Worked best with a thermostat. Ran 7+ lbs. of 
pressure and didn't have any tank problems. New owner is still running the 
same system without troubles.

New car just has an extra large radiator and pressurized to 15 lbs. So far 
it's also working just fine.

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Subject: RE: Internal Radiator

> We never tried to see how small we could make it. it is currently larger
> thatit needs to be. A winston cup rad in 20 gallons. It was originally
> designed to be big enough so it no longer mattered what engine was in the
> car. currently it has seen 680-700 hp and with a 180 thermostat the water 
> in
> the tank get warm to the touch at Bonneville. For 500 hp i would be temped
> to try 10 or 12 gallons with a import radiator in the tank. basically if 
> you
> take the radiator and allow a couple inches clearance all around in every
> direction it is pretty hard to not build a 12 gallon tank. Be sure to put 
> a
> large vent in the tank so that as the water heats if it gets to boiling 
> the
> steam can get out. With this system don't forget you have both the BTU
> rating and the latent heat if the water gets to boiling. My real push for 
> it
> was to also have a pressurized cooling system without any aero losses.
> Dave

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