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Re: Internal Radiator

Subject: Re: Internal Radiator
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 11:28:27 EDT
In a message dated 5/5/2005 2:01:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> Why would you want a un-pressurized cooling system? Or do you run the tank
> with water pressure in it? Most of the tanks with no radiator i have seen
> were vented to the atmosphere.  Those seem like a good way to end up with
> steam pockets in the cylinder heads.
> Dave
> >Elon,
> >   You've crewed on our roadster at Bonneville and the Lakes and are
> >familiar with our cooling system. We have an internal tank (no
> >radiator) with a
> >thermostat on the block water outlet that allows us to fire the
> >engine in the pits
> >and warm the engine without heating the coolant tank above
> >ambient temp. When
> >the car leaves the line on a run the driver doesn't have to
> >contend with a
> >tank full of warm to hot water sitting beside him that is already
> >within 50 deg.
> >of boiling. At the end of the run, including long-course passes,
> >the water is
> >still below the boiling point.
> >     Ardun Doug King, #1313 XXF/MR

    I've always felt that it would take a very specially constructed water 
wank to withstand 5+psi pressure such as is generated in most radiators. Our 15 
gallon tank would prolly blow up like a balloon.
    As it is our electric water pump shows almost 5 psi on the in-cockpit 
gauge. This gives the driver/crew a good look to see if the pump is indeed 
running before starting a pass down the long black line. Failed pumps and those 
someone forgot to turn on prior to leaving the starting line account for 
several LSR engine failures yearly.
    Regards the steam pockets, that could quite well be true, but, the 
coolong flow in the 1949-53 block that Henry Ford designed for us in 1932 ran 
little or no radiator pressure. 
    Agreed, the Flatty Ford was a born water-heater, but when we keep the hot 
exhaust gasses out of the block by using the Ardun heads our cooling problem 
becomes getting/keeping heat in the block, not dissipating it.
                                Ardun Doug King 

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