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Re: DeLorean Info.

Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 15:26:12 EDT
Just a couple of notes about buying a snow blower (DeLorean) :-)
The cams of this engine are prone to poor oiling and this causes them to go 
flat.  If you hear valve noise Run don't walk to get away.  To fix correctly 
requires removal of the heads, replacement of cams, lifters, and will require 
a whole pile of special tools, not a fun job!
The injection system of this car is prone to vacuum leaks and this can be a 
large pain to repair.  One sign of vacuum leaks is an uneven idle.  Also 
note: an uneven idle on these cars can be caused by a misfiring plug wire, do 
not use carb spray to try and locate the vacuum leak, you will find the 
misfire instead with rather spectacular results.  Ask me how I know this.
Be very careful about buying a Delorean, if you get the wrong one you could 
sink a fortune into the engine.  On the bright side however, all of the 
engine parts are available from you friendly local Volvo dealer, who used 
this engine in 260's and 760's.
Good luck.......
Rick Ewald

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