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Re: DeLorean Info.

Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
From: Parker J Whiteway <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 21:17:40 EDT
        Actually, I bought the MGA myself, after years of mowing lawns
and several months of working at a grocery store.  No offense taken,
think about it for a second,  wouldn't it just be awesome to have access
to a DeLorean?  My A is nice and all, but it has no interior, needs an
engine rebuild, needs some major dent-work, and some new paint. This
DeLorean is in great shape and the alternative is him buying some used
Volvo.  : (   

Parker Whiteway
57 MGA  Only cost $1000 plus tires, battery, a bunch of chrome stuff,
need a front bumper, etc.

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999 22:11:14 -0230 "Andrew  Proudfoot"
<> writes:
>After receiving my own note I read it differently than my thoughts 
>writing the origional. No offense was meant by my statement mearly 
>Parker may very well be trying to talk his Dad into a Delorean, any 
>Dad that
>gets his son an "A" for a first car is a special kinda guy and no 
>reason why
>Parker would joke about such a thing. In my eyes any LBC'r is special, 
>if my Dad had got me an A or even showed enough interest to care about 
>my 67
>when it was stored at his place then two things would be possible:
>1. I'd still be driving that 67 &
>2. I wouldn't be waiting for my 77 to be painted!!!
>Seems I must be suffering from withdrawl (lbc that is) last time I 
>here I ended up apologising also!!!!!!
>Off to the garage to see if I can't get those demisters & such
>painted....................(a small fix)
>Safety Faster
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>From: Andrew Proudfoot <>
>To: Susan and John Roper <>; Parker J Whiteway
>Cc: <>
>Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 9:12 PM
>Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
>>I thought the same but this is the 16 year old who's parents bought 
>him an
>>"A", if I remember correctly, so one never knows huh?
>>Safety Faster
>>Andy Proudfoot 77B
>>Gander, Newfoundland
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Susan and John Roper <>
>>To: Parker J Whiteway <>
>>Cc: <>
>>Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 7:27 PM
>>Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
>>>Parker, I hope you are pulling our leg.  John
>>>Parker J Whiteway wrote:
>>>> Hi Listers,
>>>>         Sorry to bomb the list, but my dad decided he wants to 
>>>> get a new car, and I'm trying to convince him that a De Lorean 
>would be
>>>> just right.  I'm in Chicagoland, and just need some info on where 
>>>> could be serviced, where parts could be obtained, and some other 
>>>> reliability / what to look for type of things.  If any of you own 
>a De
>>>> Lorean or know where I could find these things out, please write 
>me off
>>>> the list.  Thanks!
>>>> Parker Whiteway
>>>> 57 MGA that somehow managed to make 2 quarts of oil disappear 
>within 150
>>>> miles : 0

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