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Re: DeLorean Info.

To: Parker J Whiteway <>
Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
From: "M. W. Jordan, Jr." <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 21:54:43 -0400
Parker, don't let these guys get to you.

My first car was a MGA 1600, 1960 vintage.  Of course that was in 1965 so
there is a little time warp involved.  But I got mine the same way,
construction, mowing lawns and all the like.  My dad (rest his soul) had his
eyes on a 1959 Chevy Impala - puke yellow with puke green accents -- right.

I drove the MGA for 2 1/2 years till I went away to college.  Best babe
magnet I ever had.  Had six of us in it on more than one occasion.
Unfortunately, had to sell it to pay for second semester of college,
bummer.  Wound up with a 65 Falcon for several years, what a let down.

But as they say alls well that ends well.  Finally got a 1960 MGA again, in
1998.  Now its not red, like my first MGA, but it still could seat six in a
pinch, and it is just as fun.

I dream of a DeLorean.  It  is my next acquisition (after the 2000 Ford
Thunderbird, that is -- promised my wife a 56-57 T-bird for her 50th, but
that went by the by)  so if Dad is ready to spring for one for himself, by
all means go for it.

Sounds like you got quite a deal on your "A"  if all it needs is a total
restoration; for $1,000 you are ahead of the game in my view.

M. W. Jordan, Jr.

Parker J Whiteway wrote:

> Andy,
>         Actually, I bought the MGA myself, after years of mowing lawns
> and several months of working at a grocery store.  No offense taken,
> think about it for a second,  wouldn't it just be awesome to have access
> to a DeLorean?  My A is nice and all, but it has no interior, needs an
> engine rebuild, needs some major dent-work, and some new paint. This
> DeLorean is in great shape and the alternative is him buying some used
> Volvo.  : (
> Parker Whiteway
> 57 MGA  Only cost $1000 plus tires, battery, a bunch of chrome stuff,
> need a front bumper, etc.
> On Sun, 1 Aug 1999 22:11:14 -0230 "Andrew  Proudfoot"
> <> writes:
> >After receiving my own note I read it differently than my thoughts
> >when
> >writing the origional. No offense was meant by my statement mearly
> >that
> >Parker may very well be trying to talk his Dad into a Delorean, any
> >Dad that
> >gets his son an "A" for a first car is a special kinda guy and no
> >reason why
> >Parker would joke about such a thing. In my eyes any LBC'r is special,
> >Hey,
> >if my Dad had got me an A or even showed enough interest to care about
> >my 67
> >when it was stored at his place then two things would be possible:
> >1. I'd still be driving that 67 &
> >2. I wouldn't be waiting for my 77 to be painted!!!
> >
> >Seems I must be suffering from withdrawl (lbc that is) last time I
> >posted
> >here I ended up apologising also!!!!!!
> >Off to the garage to see if I can't get those demisters & such
> >painted....................(a small fix)
> >
> >Safety Faster
> >Andy
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> >From: Andrew Proudfoot <>
> >To: Susan and John Roper <>; Parker J Whiteway
> ><>
> >Cc: <>
> >Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 9:12 PM
> >Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
> >
> >
> >>John;
> >>I thought the same but this is the 16 year old who's parents bought
> >him an
> >>"A", if I remember correctly, so one never knows huh?
> >>
> >>Safety Faster
> >>Andy Proudfoot 77B
> >>Gander, Newfoundland
> >>-----Original Message-----
> >>From: Susan and John Roper <>
> >>To: Parker J Whiteway <>
> >>Cc: <>
> >>Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 7:27 PM
> >>Subject: Re: DeLorean Info.
> >>
> >>
> >>>Parker, I hope you are pulling our leg.  John
> >>>
> >>>Parker J Whiteway wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> Hi Listers,
> >>>>         Sorry to bomb the list, but my dad decided he wants to
> >finally
> >>>> get a new car, and I'm trying to convince him that a De Lorean
> >would be
> >>>> just right.  I'm in Chicagoland, and just need some info on where
> >it
> >>>> could be serviced, where parts could be obtained, and some other
> >general
> >>>> reliability / what to look for type of things.  If any of you own
> >a De
> >>>> Lorean or know where I could find these things out, please write
> >me off
> >>>> the list.  Thanks!
> >>>> Parker Whiteway
> >>>> 57 MGA that somehow managed to make 2 quarts of oil disappear
> >within 150
> >>>> miles : 0
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >

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