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Miscellaneous Failings

To: <>
Subject: Miscellaneous Failings
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 01:05:13 +1100
Hi all,

The MGA lives! :)

Now for the bad news. <G> Naah, first the good. Way smoother with the Roller
Rockers and lightweight lifters. She'll now rev to over 6000rpm without a
complaint. More torque everywhere, but noticeably more power up high where
she really takes off, probably thanks to the larger MGB valves and the
porting. I'm really happy, and I still haven't retuned the carbs for the new
head, so prob. more power on offer with some tinkering. :)

Here's the questions. I got that UJ back together in record time, but at the
same time I also replaced the felt pieces in the steering column. The
originals were really thin, and the column moved around alot before. Well
now the column hardly moves. In fact, now it doesn't self centre and is very
stiff to move intially which makes driving a not so fun experience. Is there
something I'm supposed to do to these felt pieces before refitting? Soak in
oil or something?? I fitted them dry. If dry is ok, do these take time to
wear in? I notice period testers complained a lot about stiff steering in
MGB's but this is ridiculous. <G>

After refitting the head, I now have the dreaded coolant seepage between 2&3
cyl. however it's so minor it's not a problem. A bigger problem is the
seepage I can see around a couple of the head nuts. I torqued using the
correct procedure as in the manual, as I've used before, ran her up to
temperature (during which I noticed seepage), cracked them off, and
retorqued to spec (50lbs). Still this minor seepage. Is this anything to
worry about? I have seen this before on a friends MGB and it went away after
the first 20 miles or so. I'm not experiencing any coolant loss, just this
slight seepage.


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