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Re: Fuel problems continue

To: George <>
Subject: Re: Fuel problems continue
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 21:53:18 -0400
>IF you get a
>good stream of gas you almost have the answer to the next question:

A day ago I undid the connection to the fuel filter and ran that. It did 
run fine. I did check the incoming screen into the fuel p[ump and that was 
clear. I did not realize that I needed to check another screen at the tank. 
I assume it is part of the pickup unit that comes on the right side of the 
fuel tank. I do not have easy access to air but can get that at work in a 
couple of days. Next Sunday is the annual 'Blessing of the Fleet' and I 
would at least like to make that. A related thought, anyone have any 
experience with the repro tanks avail for the Mk 1 B's? the price is WAY 
less than original.

>?- Is the gas tank pickup clogged?

Thanks for this very excellant  response. You too Bob

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