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Re: Fuel problems continue

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Subject: Re: Fuel problems continue
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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 22:35:55 -0500
<resend>due to brain fuel starvation I forgot to send to the


Sorry about including so much of the post in my reply but I am chasing
the exact same problem!!!!  I have also checked to see if the points
were bad (PERFECT).  Replaced the rubber from the pump to the carbs.
Checked to see if the floats were sticking.  Made sure the overflow
on the top of the carbs weren't plugged.   I also have spent many hours
making sure it is neither the ground nor the power. It starts and runs
then just about the time the engine warms up it goes into this mode
if I tap the pump I get one stroke.  One tap one stroke.  With my buddy
tapping the pump with his fist the car will run perfect.  Stop tapping
and the car will stall out in under 3 minutes.  However if I disconnect
the line from the carbs, the pump will happily empty the gas tank into a

large gas can for me.  I also made sure the roll-over valve was taken
out of the fuel line.  I was all set on buying a new (solid state) pump
but after reading your notes I am hesitant.

I have one more test I want to run tonight and then I will let you know
if it is the one thing that still bothers me:
   ...Is the fuel pump quitting because of back pressure in the line
   makes it think it is at full pressure? Or, is the fuel pump quitting
   it has a defect?  I suspect the first.....But Why?????"

Ok, I ran the test and here is what I found:  I hooked a "T" in the line

just before the carbs and after the filter.  It runs perfect if I let
pressure out of the lines as soon as I see the fuel filter go empty.
It actually builds up a substantial amount of pressure in the line
as it gets warmed up.  I hooked a pressure gauge and saw it
hit 12 Lbs.   Again, as soon as I let the pressure go
it instantly refilled the filter and continued running fine.  I am
wondering if it is related to the condition of the insulation
behind the heat shield where it comes closest to the float
bowls.  I also ran the engine up a couple of times while
it was under pressure and interestingly enough it spit fuel
out the front overflow tube but not the rear.  I think I am
going to have another look at the floats and the rear overflow
tube.  I will also do a close inspection of the insulation
on the heat shield.  I will definately NOT be ordering a
new fuel pump.

"Safety Not So Fast" :-(

Carl W French wrote:

> Had to take the Sable to the rallye (oh well). When I got home I took
> the line from the tank to the pump. I blew it out (lung power),
> came. Replaced all flexible sections of it (they were not very good).
> Replaced to compression fitting on tank and then blew that clear (into
> of fuel). Hooked back up to car. Took car out and made it about four
> before problems arose again. Limped home, idled car for a bit with
> filter again full and the filter ran out of fuel over a few minutes.
> off car turn back on a min or so and the pump happily filled the
> again, same story then. I am not thinking well as it was a long drive
to a
> 70 mile rallye (third place) and then came home to immerse myself in
> fumes for a while. Oh yeah, changed the filter twice. pumped through
> great before and after each time. Head fuzzy now.
> Carl French
> I have not changed any of the rubber lines between the pump and the
> yet. Have not taken the tank off and slushed out.

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