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Re: Fuel problems continue

Subject: Re: Fuel problems continue
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 06:01:19 -0400
Wow, we sound like kindred brother's right now. It seems like we a lot in 
common. because everytime I have disconnected the system the pump will fill 
a bottle as fast as I could want it. I have blown the lines, replaced 
'most' of the rubber lines (will finish that project because it is so 
easy), replaced the  fuel pump (had the same thing you had with your friend 
hitting the pump), replaced the filter x3, drained   and filtered the tank 
contents x4. I know we have fixed the floats over the last two years. done 
jets and needles but hey they can go bad again.
I am going to follow your problem closely, I will keep you up to date also.


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