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Re: heater removal

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Subject: Re: heater removal
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 16:19:27 -0700
Oh dear. Heater removal (and particularly installation) is one of the
absolute worst jobs on the MGB. Go to your manual and read through the
procedures. It is not as simple as it looks (and you already know that it
doesn't look very simple).

You cannot pull the heater box up at all until you detach one or the other
end of the cable (to the flap, from the lower knob)), and remove the
defroster hoses and the tubes behind the defroster hose rubber elbows
(inside the center underdash frame). In other words, idea #3 is a
non-starter. If you remove the heater vent flap on the passenger side of the
tranny tunnel up under the dash, you may be able to reach in and undo the
cable from the flap end (but how you will be able to reattach it is the
problem). Therefore what you really want is to remove the control knob so
you can detach the control gearbox from the dash and let it dangle on the
cable. Then you can feed the cable in as someone else pulls the heater box
up from under the hood. Installation is the reverse of this procedure (as
they say), except good luck figuring out how to get the defroster elbows
seated around the two tubes and simultaneously get the grommets seated in
the surrounding holes in the center frame (this may sound like gobbledygook
but when you take it apart you will understand -- boy will you understand).

You may need a tool smaller in diameter than your allen wrench to depress
the spring pin that holds on the control knob. Remember, you have to pull on
the knob while depressing the pin.

on 6/24/01 2:44 AM, DenverD at wrote:

> so, i was ready to leave on a two hour drive when i noticed the
> carpet was wet..
> yuck, it was REALLY wet with rusty water..
> i've put on a length of heater hose to bypass the heater
> completely, and sopped up the mess..
> and (planning to recore/repair the heater) i got the heater loose
> but it (silly me) won't come out until i figure out how to loose
> the temp control cable..
> now, just days ago someone said to push a allen wrench into the
> little hole on the side of the temp control knob and pull it off..
> well, i pushed and pushed--and given up...
> laid on my back and tried to figure out how to disconnect the cable
> on the back side of the dash (without removing the knob and then
> the heat control bracket)--and given up on that too
> and, under the hood i tried to pull the heater up enough to loose
> the cable where it connected to the heater control valve--and given
> up there too
> so, i'm blocked every way i've turned and wonder which is the
> CORRECT way to go:
> 1) get the knob of, drop the bracket and then loose the cable
> 2) behind the dash, loose the cable (the nut is on top, can't be
> seen and i don't think i can get a wrench on it, can i--secret
> way?)
> 3) pull the heater up and loose the cable there
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Max Heim
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it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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