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heater removal

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: heater removal
From: "DenverD" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:44:54 +0200
so, i was ready to leave on a two hour drive when i noticed the 
carpet was wet..
yuck, it was REALLY wet with rusty water..

i've put on a length of heater hose to bypass the heater 
completely, and sopped up the mess..

and (planning to recore/repair the heater) i got the heater loose 
but it (silly me) won't come out until i figure out how to loose 
the temp control cable..

now, just days ago someone said to push a allen wrench into the 
little hole on the side of the temp control knob and pull it off..

well, i pushed and pushed--and given up...

laid on my back and tried to figure out how to disconnect the cable 
on the back side of the dash (without removing the knob and then 
the heat control bracket)--and given up on that too

and, under the hood i tried to pull the heater up enough to loose 
the cable where it connected to the heater control valve--and given 
up there too

so, i'm blocked every way i've turned and wonder which is the 
CORRECT way to go: 

1) get the knob of, drop the bracket and then loose the cable
2) behind the dash, loose the cable (the nut is on top, can't be 
seen and i don't think i can get a wrench on it, can i--secret 
3) pull the heater up and loose the cable there

DenverD - A Texan in Denmark
65B # GHN3L/33680; engine 18V581-H193 

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