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From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:46:10 -0400

   I added my MG on to my regular policy, with a  
"snow bird" type agreement.  This means that I can use the car
as much as I want between April 1, and October 31.  After that
the car must be in a locked garage.  I have full coverage when
the car is on the road, and theft/fire/damage insurance while 
in winter storage.  For this, I get a good discount off of the 
the normal cost of a third car.  I also get a multi-vehicle 
discount off of my regular policy.   I had an evaluation
done when I placed the car on the policy.  Photos were taken
as well.  I plan to update the valuation this year. 

   This type of policy was invented for the snow birds who 
leave the northeast (and their cars), fly south for the
winter months, and then back north for the spring & 
summer.  When the cars are in storage so they do not 
need the road coverage, etc.  I am sure that this type 
of policy is available from a number of sources. It may
be what you are looking for.  

   Safety Fast!

   Gene Balinski 
       80 'B

At 05:23 PM 2/17/02 -0500, Classic MG wrote:
>We have two British cars (Midget and Austin-Healey 100) insured with
Hagerty Insurance for
>agreed value --  total is $286 per year for both (liability and collision).
This is the
>best deal we could find.

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