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From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 01:16:05 +1030
Just for the sake of comparison, my comprehensive insurance for my 68 'B
is with a company that specialises in 'collectors' and classic type
cars, Shannons.

My car is probably underinsured as far as the amount of bucks poured
into it (in other words, proper replacement value - which means buying
another 'B and doing to it what I have done to this one) but as far as a
'B goes it is probably fairly insured.  I might try to push up the
insured value based on my huge pile of work receipts :-)

My car is insured for $AU13,000 and includes salvage rights and this
costs me just a little under $AU400.00 per year.

An average 'B of similar vintage in good working order costs about
$AU10,000 - $AU13,000 (I bought mine for $AU10,000 and have poured about
$AU6,000 - $AU8,000 + into it over four years, and I still haven't done
any paint or body work!!!!!).

Oh dear, that reminds me - my insurance runs out at the end of this month!

Adelaide, South Australia

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