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To: Dan DiBiase <>
Subject: Re: Insurance...
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 11:23:59 -0500 (EST)
 I also second Hagerty and I also live in NJ.
(A breath of relief after insuring the car with Allstate for a year before
I tracked down Hagerty (via our list!).  ANd I live in the home town of
American Collector's Insurance (as you will see on other rsvp's).
I paid $55 for the current year with basic PIP, 100K for liability, 35K
for uninsured  motorist and the agreed value with no deductible, $5000
Dan's higher price is for a higher level liability. 

I drive about 3x as much as Dan's 1000 miles per year and that is not
a problem. 

It may also help that I'm over 50 and have a solid driving record. 
When I did switch, the switch was painless to all except the insurer of my
other vehicles who charged me $500 for the first year I owned it.  (Can
you imagine paying 1/10th the value of a $5k car for insurance? It sure
isn't a BMW Z-8).  

Bill Saidel '76B
Cherry Hill, NJ

 On Sun, 17 Feb 2002,
Dan DiBiase wrote:

> Albert, I don't know if the rules are different in CA (EVERYTHING is
> different there... ;)) but I switched to Hagerty Insurance a couple of
> years ago for my '76B. I paid $110 for the first year, then that dropped
> to $70 for the second (current) year...! (And I live in NJ, home of the
> highest car insurnace rates around...) This is for $5000 agreed value, no
> mileage limitation, $500k/$500k Liability /Uninsured Motorist protection,
> and basic PIP. This was compared to over $500 per year with my 'regular'
> car carrier, with whom I also have 2 cars and my house.... It's a great
> deal. As others have noted, they don't want these cars used as a daily
> driver, so this type of insurance is not for all of us, and want it
> garaged. I drive around 1000 miles a year, so it works for me....
> Get some quotes tomorrow!
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> Dan DiBiase
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